Takeaways: Building a Storybrand (Donald Miller)

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Building a Storybrand starts off strong with cohesive and concise points. Each building on one another. Miller posits that Maslow’s hierarchy of needs has a role to play in your copywriting.

  • Takeaway #1: “Customers don’t care about your story, they care about theirs.”

  • Takeaway #2: “websites don’t sell things, words sell things.”

  • Takeaway #3: “human beings are constantly scanning their environment…looking for information that will help them survive…too much noise/effort and they ignore it”

Miller goes on to frame two big mistakes (that I’m guessing form a foundation for the remainder).

  1. “Brands fail to focus on the aspects of their offer that will help people survive and thrive”

  2. “Brands cause their customers to burn too many calories in an effort to understand the offer”

🔖 Bookmark: “…the most powerful tool we can use to organize information so people don’t have to burn very many calories is story.”

This was a emphatic recommendation of Dave Gerhardt, CMO of Privy, and ex-Drift colleague. Check out his DGMG Patreon, worth it.

As with all Takeaways posts, this will be updated as I make progress through the book. This title again is Building a Storybrand by Donald Miller.